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Gaming seems to be omnipresent in today’s society. Did you know that over half of the worldwide population is playing games? Last year in 2015, 75% of American people played mobile games, as written Liana Ramos, a Spanish journalist. According to recent studies, 75% of women have played games on the Internet for the last three years! While they are very often associated to kids or nerds, video games are more and more undertaken for enjoyment by adults. Today, games are even much more than that: they are cultural products, sometimes educational tools and for a few minorities, games – especially video games – are a form of art.

Our mission at My Gaming Explorer.com

My Gaming Explorer.com is an independent website which is run by a small team of young people passionate with games. Some of us have even other websites, like Jammy for example. Together, we are going to explore the complex and extended world of gaming. The gaming universe is like a big head that has multiple branches. Among these branches, we find board games, physical games, gambling games and of course video games (which are our favourite games to be honest). Because covering so many topics represents quite a good deal of work and because a deep knowledge of each universe is required to please the most demanding readers, My Gaming Explorer.com are made up of a multidisciplinary team who will provide you with games’ reviews, news and columns you will love. We will have a special spot on our website for online casino games, as we know many of you, guys, love them.

Let us explore the infinite world of gaming!

Looking for party games, tabletop games? At My Gaming Explorer.com, we strive to deliver the best gaming experiences both on your computer and mobile phones. And because games generally involve mental or physical stimulation, we are also convinced that gaming is good both for the body and the mind. So let’s embark on an amazing journey to the boundaries of gaming, let’s make a foray into this universe where clichés and stereotypes are way too many, eventually let’s turn our hobby into a dream life!

  • Board games: board games are table games that often involve pieces or counters which you can move or place on a pre-marked surface according to a specific set of rules. There are many varieties of board games. Among the most famous ones, we usually find strategy games or chance games or a mixture of the two!
  • Physical games: physical games are a collection of physics-based games. If some of these games simply refer to sports (due to the fact that they are challenging physical activities that lay some foundations for physical health and well-being) we will unsurprisingly find a few party games as well in this section of the site.
  • Gambling games: gambling games are games where money is involved. Whether they are related to casinos, poker or sports betting, this type of game implies that players wager money and look forward to hitting a prize. We will see that there are many gambling games available on the web.
  • Video games: Just like in Lana del Rey’s song, video games are electronic games involving human interaction with a computing device such as a TV screen or computer monitor. They often imply the use of a mouse, keyword or game controller. Today, video games have become an art form and are a specific industry.

Featured games we offer

At My Gaming Explorer.com, we will soon give you the opportunity to play thousands of free online games for both teenagers and adults, get access to free RPG and MMORPG games, online adventure and action games, fun online Flash games, and more. My Gaming Explorer.com is also a place for education and information, that’s Liana Ramos, a famous blogger who wrote that on her website. Read our Xbox and PS4 achievement/trophy guides, consider the reviews of our experts before buying your games or simply learn more about the board games our forefathers use to practice back in history.