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When it comes to picking the top gambling games that an online casino or even land-based casino presents, live sports betting isn’t something that you would immediately link. Well, the fact of the matter is, is that online sports betting actually draws more people into casinos than traditional casino games like poker, blackjack, slots and roulette.

So, in this review of online cricket betting sites, we will be discussing online cricket betting and what you are able to bet on within the cricket betting sites in India.

We will also present links to the top 10 betting sites in India where you will be able to access national and international cricket games.

There will be special promotional offers from each one of the online betting sites to help you with your first selection of bets.

So, let’s being and step into the hottest cricket betting sites found in India and tell you what’s waiting to be played.

Best cricket betting site

There are numerous online cricket betting sites that are available to players inside India. These online betting sites in India are legally licensed and regulated by the best governing bodies in the industry.

The betting sites India players can join are part of a casino service that offers players the standard casino games like poker, slots, blackjack, and even traditional games such as teen patti and andar bahar.

These are side features because our main focus is that of the sporting entertainment which we get from the best betting sites India has.

Why opt for sports betting features? Well, it is the most dynamic immersive gaming experience there is. You are literally put into the heart of the action, no matter if you bet for or against the team you love.

With live streaming and commentary, along with in-play betting, you get to encompass the whole game of cricket that is taking place. Plus, you don’t need to be a cricket expert to play as you are presented with the team stats before the game begins and you get in-play gaming stats to help you pick up to the second odds whilst the game is in full swing.

Betting on the cricket can be mixed with other sporting games if you wish to form your own bespoke betting slip.

Cricket betting sites in India

Cricket is India’s number one sport and because of its importance, you need to be part of the hottest online cricket betting sites that are available to Indian players. Sites like Betway cricket are able to offer their members every cricket league in every country and also provide members all cricket cups taking place, all the test series, and all the major tournaments. All this presented with live games to watch and bonuses to use.

With all the best betting sites online in India, you will be able to place your bets a week in advance, some of the more general betting markets can be placed months in advance, like overall league or cup winners. By putting bets on early, you can take advantage of the higher odds that are placed on the market.

The sport of cricket always has a busy schedule and once the leagues are over, you have your international games to look forward to. Examples of this include the Tours India carries out in places like England, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.

There are also the major tournaments that take place, with the Indian national cricket team taking part in the ICC World Test Championship, the T20 World Cup, and you have The Ashes.

The schedule is packed which means you get more out of the cricket betting sites in India throughout the year.

Online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees

The betting sites you are able to join are open to players in India and the rest of the world. If you want to bet using rupee currency, then this is entirely possible. The casinos are not actually based in India. These sites are registered in Europe and they serve a worldwide audience of players. By being registered offshore, it has no effect on their service towards where a player is from.

The casinos presented by us offer Indian players easily accessible banking services that will allow them to bet with their rupees and win back rupees for them to withdraw.

There is one thing to actually note with regards to banking and it is a very important issue that players from India need to be fully aware of when looking to join and play online betting sites in Indian rupees.

The Indian Reserve Bank can and often does block payments that are transferred with any link or association to casinos and online gambling. Why? Well, it’s not anything to do with the laws because online gambling is legal, and we will discuss this at the end of the guide. It is more to do with money laundering.

Because online gambling in India is relatively new compared to the rest of the world and given there has been a colossal boom in the number of betting sites there is a lot of temptation for fraudulent people or criminal gangs to take advantage of a new situation and launder money through casinos. So, to eradicate this, casinos outright ban, where best possible, any transactions that take place. It is not a judgement on you but every person in India is affected so players will need to use other alternative methods of payment to bypass the main Reserve Bank of India.

Examples of this is e-wallet services like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, where available. These will help you to withdraw money from your bank account, place the money into a third-party e-wallet service, transfer the funds into the bank and when you withdraw any winnings from your Indian betting site, wins go from your casino account to your e-wallet and then back into your bank account. This means that all transaction data is bypassed, and the bank is unable to block the transactions.

Top 10 cricket bookies in India

Which are the top Top 10 cricket bookies in India to join in 2024? Here is a list compiled of the hottest IPL betting sites that are able to offer all tournaments, games, and cricket promotions, including exclusive welcome bonuses for all new registered members.

  1. FunBet
  2. 22 Bet
  3. Betway
  4. Spin Sports
  5. 10 Cric
  6. Royal Panda Casino
  7. Leo Vegas Casino
  8. 888 Sport
  9. Dafabet
  10. Sportsbet

These are currently the must-join sites on the Indian market and each one offers their own unique welcome bonus. They will provide you with first-class customer care and support and you can visit their site and look around to see what other features and services they provide, all without needing to register first. So why not take a look right now to see if you can find the best online casino in India to suit you.

Betting sites for cricket

There are lots of sites online that can help you to get more knowledge on cricket, cricket news, team selections and injuries and lots more. ESPN cricket is just one example where you have plenty of information that can help you with your betting selection inside the top betting sites.

Can you join more than one online casino? Yes, in fact, most players are registered to 2 or 3 online casinos. This is can be down to several factors, perhaps a site offers better odds and they cannot view the game live, or because they want both cricket and casino games, yet perhaps one site doesn’t have great games to play so they join another casino.

There are perfect casinos out there, sometimes it’s just our own personal needs that have us sign up to different casinos.

So, we end our guide with a look at the legal side of online betting in India. Is the best cricket betting site available actually legally available for players based in India to join?


When it comes to law in India, there are two rules, so to speak, one for land-based casinos in India and one for betting sites in India (despite being overseas).

In 1867, during British rule, the Gambling Act was formed. The Act restricted access to gambling and was run by the state. Establishments closed, rules got tighter on what can and cannot be played and for over a century nothing changed.

What was allowed were state-run lottery games and horse racing. This was the way for a very long time, and you could say up to now, with the exception that a small number of casinos existed. This is because the government handed the ruling over to the states of India that wished to govern their own casinos.

So, you have a section of sites in Goa and Daman, for example. When the internet came about, the Act was updated to stop remote Indian businesses from forming their own online casinos, it was prohibited, but the state could still run their own – irony.

Then suddenly and more recently, a loophole was found. The government can’t control how people use the internet, especially given there are over a billion people using it. Therefore, players are able to access and use the services of casinos that are registered outside of India.

This is how you are able to join the very best online betting sites in India because still to this day, the Gambling Act of 1867 has not been updated to inform the people that the services of foreign online casinos are banned, and they cannot do that, so you win.

You are now able to play with peace of mind inside the best cricket betting site or sites that are all linked to this guide. Have fun playing and scoring those wins.

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